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No artistic or technical background needed!
“When my daughter was about seven years old, she asked me one day what I did at work. I told her I worked at the college—that my job was to teach people how to draw. She stared back at me, incredulous, and said, “You mean they forget?” —Howard Ikemoto
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Remember How to Draw.
Remember the magic of connecting to your creative flow.


I guide you on shifting your consciousness through workshops and foundation courses in drawing and watercolor. 

So... How does that work?

Drawing requires us to quiet our mind and be present. Watercolor is all about relationships.

As the world is shifting into a new consciousness, one way to ride the wave of change is to have a practice that allows us to be still and to learn from the experience of our relationships with others. Imagine being able to work the meditation and relationship issues out on paper as a practice with which to enter our day to day world and interact.

Maybe you don't want to be an artist. Or you do want to be an artist. Or you are an artist and feel that you've missed a critical link... 

See Here Now is an enriched course of study that includes personal studio time, deadlines, supportive interaction with fellow course mates, specifically related art history chapters that support your learning and enhance your own exercises with insight into particular artists and historic context. While we learn the basics of watercolor, we also learn the principals and history of painting.

See Here Now also emphasizes the spiritual aspects of creative process and practice. I guarantee that this course will change your experience in the world and your perception of yourself. I have watched with amazement how, over and over again, students transform themselves and their work by showing up, following the step-by-step instruction of this thoughtful method, feeling their fear and self-criticism, and doing the work anyway.  No one walks out after the full course the same way they walked in. No one tries to change or be different, it just happens. It's a beautiful transformation to witness.

Try to put aside your culturally imposed expectations for a minute.

The benefits of drawing (a short list):

Drawing develops observation, awareness, perception, creativity, inventiveness, confidence, focus, problem solving and communication skills

Drawing gives you opportunities for self realization by helping you to slow down, be present, manage self-criticism and perfectionistic tendencies, practice patience, and learn about your outer and inner worlds on a pre-verbal level. 

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!
So many people are afraid to start drawing and watercolor because they feel that others know so much more. Self-comparison is deadly. The plain truth is that many people - even practicing artists - miss a good foundation in basic elements and principals and suffer for years as a result.

Many people — including those with shelves full of art supplies — tell themselves (and others!) that they have no artistic talent. 

Forget about talent. EVERYONE (and that includes you) has the right and the ability to pick up a pencil and draw. Everyone has the right and the ability to learn about color. So often, what we think of as innate talent is actually the result of a learning process, work and practice.

With me, you start at the very beginning (a very good place to start.)

Learn the fundamentals of drawing and watercolor and, more importantly, become better acquainted with yourself. Allow me to guide you through tried and true progressive exercises, encourage your natural tendencies and help you establish the habit of practice.

Learn to draw and watercolor like YOU, not like anyone else!

Connect with your authentic, creative self. Recognize your blocks and foibles (common to so many of us) and learn how to step around those to better connect with your experience in each present moment.

"I will never look at the world in the same way again!"
—Roberta Conroy, workshop host and student, Palm Springs, CA

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Remember... you don't need any artistic experience and I will teach you how to easily participate online (no technical knowledge required!)

Read my Frequently Asked Questions page. 
Read the Testimonials page to learn about other student's experience.

See better, be better!

As you learn to practice drawing and watercolor, you naturally develop your awareness, observational powers and problem solving skills. Inevitably, these and other benefits that come with the practice of drawing and watercolor enhance your life in positive ways that will surprise you!

You don't need any experience to take any of my courses. All you need is a desire to draw and watercolor. My courses are designed for professionals outside the visual arts.  I help people who feel blocked and trapped, who want to open their creative channels for authentic self-expression providing a safe and supportive environment to open up and get real. 

I coach artists who struggle with authenticity to uncover their unique style.
Why be a lemming? Learn to draw and paint like you, not like anyone else!

Experience drawing and watercolor as a spiritual practice — a unique, fun and challenging path to self-realization.

Work out your fears and your blocks on paper. You'll experience remarkable change in the quality of your life while making drawings and watercolors.

Read my Frequently Asked Questions page. Read the Testimonials page to learn about other student's experience.

Join one of my encouraging online courses and discover your untapped creative potential.

It's just like being with me in my studio! 

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Dip your toe in the water

Try an independent mini-course

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Contact me directly for private drawing and watercolor coaching. 
Students are considered on case by case basis after interview process.


I teach drawing and watercolor because I have seen the results in students over and over again — new confidence, delight, aha moments, deeper self-awareness and perseverance through frustrations. After a lifetime of personal practice and seventeen years of teaching throughout the country at the community level, I firmly believe that these disciplines provide a creative path for self-realization. Drawing and watercolor offer unique ways to integrate your body, mind and spirit. Draw and watercolor as you discover yourself and your place in the world.


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About my courses

My Basic Drawing and Watercolor Course teaches you everything you need to know about drawing and watercolor to start a practice of your own. Originally designed as a two-day workshop to be held entirely outdoors, we frequently work with nature as a subject.

We start with drawing (the foundation of watercolor) and move through a series of progressive exercises with demonstrations. Instruction includes fundamentals of materials and mediums, design concepts, value, color mixing and basic techniques.

Discover a new sense of self and spirit, enhanced observational skills and experience a noticeable development of confidence and awareness. These classes are as much about learning to see as about making art.

Explore drawing and watercolor, learn art history in context of your lessons, enhance your perceptive skills, understanding of design and develop more acute appreciation for the art of drawing and watercolor.

My courses are designed for ages 10-100 — for absolute beginners and as refreshers for experienced artists.

You will learn a lot about yourself!